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Becoming a PTO member is a guaranteed way to stay involved in your child's education and connected with the DAELC school community.  Joining the PTO will give you access to updates, fundraising and volunteer opportunities, reminders, and so much more!  * You must be a paid PTO member to utilize the site for purchase and to volunteer throughout the year.  Here's how to join us!

If you are a new member, please create an account, and then purchase your PTO membership, so you will receive our emails, notifications, and gain access to the website.  If you are a returning member, please log into your account from last year, renew your membership, and updates your child's class information! 

We appreciate all of your support this year with our upcoming fundraisers and activities.  Our PTO cannot function without our amazing families and we thank you all for your contributions, generosity, time, and support.





Please visit the David C. Abbott Early Learning Center website here for additional resources.